Hypofriend and its partners: who’s who?

Hypofriend is an online loan broker that offers customers the best mortgage deal by comparing offers from multiple banks and lenders. In this sense, Hypofriend is not an independent lender, but an intermediary that focuses on the German market.

More and more Germans are choosing to apply for their mortgages online, thanks to the convenience, speed and competitive interest rates offered by online lenders. Hypofriend is one of the players that have responded to this change in the market, offering many advantages to its customers.

The partners of Hypofriend

In choosing the best mortgage offer, Hypofriend works with many different credit institutions and banks. Below we present some of Hypofriend’s partners:

  • DSL Bank: a credit institution that specializes in arranging construction financing and offers its customers a wide portfolio of products.
  • Postbank: a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, which has been operating in the market for decades and is considered a reliable partner.
  • ING-DiBa: one of the leading retail banks in Germany, which provides its customers with a wide range of products.

These are just some of the partners of Hypofriend. Each of these partners has its own strengths and weaknesses, which must be taken into account when choosing a lender. Hypofriend supports its customers in choosing the right partner and ensures that they receive the best offer.

If you need mortgage financing in Germany, Hypofriend is an excellent choice to get a competitive deal. With its strong partners and experience in the mortgage business, Hypofriend is a trustworthy partner that will help its customers finance their dream home.

Hypofriend and its partners: who's who?

An overview of the cooperation

Hypofriend works with a wide range of lenders to offer the best possible deals to its customers. Each lender has its own focus and different terms and conditions. Hypofriend is happy to advise you and recommend the lender that best suits your needs.

One of the main partners of Hypofriend is Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is one of the largest lenders in Germany and offers a wide range of loans. In addition to Deutsche Bank, Hypofriend cooperates with other established credit institutions such as Commerzbank, DKB and ING.

In addition, Hypofriend works with a number of specialized lenders that cater to specific target groups and needs. For example, the lender Interhyp offers special deals for civil servants. Another of Hypofriend’s partners is Accedo AG, which specializes in arranging home loans.

  • German Bank
  • Commerzbank
  • DKB
  • ING
Hypofriend and its partners: who's who?

Hypofriend’s cooperation with these lenders allows Hypofriend to offer its customers a wide range of conditions and loan options. Hypofriend guarantees thereby an independent and objective consultation, which is based on the individual requirements of the customer.

Hypofriend and its partners: who's who?

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